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Dum Maaro Dum Movie Review

The much awaited Dum Maaro Dum has finally hit the theatres all over the country today, and I must say finally there was some story to a bollywood movie after quite some time.

Director: Rohan Sippy
dum maro dum movie
Producer: Ramesh Sippy

Finally, Abhishek Didn’t Suck After Long Time: First off, Ramesh Sippy did get it right with the plot, but I just wish he could have picked a better guy than Abhishek to play the lead role. Having said that, Abhishek didn’t mess it up after a long time, and played a similar role to that of Dhoom 1 & 2, except the fact that he dies in Dum Maro Dum rather than catching John or Hrithik!
abhishek in dum maro dum
Story-Line: Anyway, coming to the story line, the movie is all about smuggling of drugs in Goa, and its vicinity, and how innocent people get into the dirty vicious circle, while those who rule the area play with lives of hundreds and thousands of individuals, to keep their business alive.

Aditya Pancholi has done full justice to his character, playing the Biscuit (Lorsa Biscuta), who’s the leader of the dirty empire of drugs in Goa; Bipasha Basu starred as Zoe, who’s an aspiring air hostess, Prateik Babbar starred as Lorry who’s a good student, on the verge of losing his girlfriend just because he doesn’t get scholarship, and Rana Daggubati starred as Joki, (Bipasha’s boyfriend in movie), were not disappointing either.

Basically, Joki loses Bipasha as she falls prey to the dirty drugs smuggling world to build her career as air hostess, and fails to do anything. Lorry doesn’t get a scholarship grant and is afraid to lose his GF, who goes to US leaving him behind; so he seeks help and is also about to suffer the same fate that Bipasha does, and Joki decides to get him out of the trouble!
bipasha and rana in dum maro dum
Bipasha looked sensual as ever before, and did a passionate love making scene with Rana, and the movie has been given A-rating mainly for those few bikini and love making scenes, and of course the dialogues & lyrics of title song!

Abhishek plays ACP Vishnu, and is portrayed to be a corrupt inspector who turns into a brave hero who decides to fight against the dirty world, after losing his family (small kid and wife Vidya Balan who has nothing more than a guest appearance in the movie), in a car accident with a speeding vehicle driven by someone driving under the influence of drugs.

So, he starts his fights against the drugs dealers in Goa and finds about Biscuit is ruling this empire, but he’s not alone!
And, the story basically revolves around mystery this drug kingpin, who has several pen names, and on this occasion – Michael Bardosa!

There’s a lot of action, drama and suspense in the move (and lot of LSD stuff) that definitely makes it worth watching! So, I’m not going to reveal who’s Michael Bardosa – watch it and discover it yourself! The movie ends on a positive note showing just like all the Hindi movies, giving a message that the wrong doers always need to re-pay for their evil deeds!

Music: (Pritam Won’t Change!) – When you have Pritam as playback singer, you’d definitely expect him to steal something from a song of another origin, don’t you? Well, this time he has been so-called inspired by rhythm of Spanish soft-rock ballads (perhaps even Rihanna’s Te Amo,)and created a romantic number “Te Amo” – which in Portuguese/Spanish means “I Love You” and Eu Te Amo in Brazilian dialect.

I wonder if Pritam would ever STOP copying, and give a try to ACTUALLY create an ORIGINAL song!
deepika padukone in Dum Maro Dum
Moreover, I must say the melody of “Te Amo” was fairly soothing (of course when you copy the Spanish soft-rock it’s bound to sound good) But, the main attraction “Dum Maaro Dum” had nothing more than Deepika’s skirt, tattoo, and crappy audaciously penned wordings sung by Jaideep Sahni’ – “Aaj mere liye chair kheech raha hai, kal meri skirt kheechega” (and much more that would force you to raise your eyebrows in disbelief!)

The beats were nothing more than freaky hip hop disco-like music, which didn’t really move me for sure! Many people did like it a lot (though most of them didn’t even understand a shit out of it!), but it was nowhere close to Sheila ki Jawani, and they totally massacred the original song “Dum Maro Dum, Mit Jaye Gum” from the old Hindi classic “Hare Krishna Hare Ram”.

Oh yes, I almost forgot to mention that despite all the good work, Abhishek sucked again at rapping!

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